dopey joe

Counting into day 24 of vege in the auto pots. The speed of growth has been huge. Stress training will be put in place later in the week now they have started branching out. We’re definately looking forward to spreading the canopy even more sideways than this strain seems to be doing for us. The frequency of nodes forming already is a really good sign of things shaping out when we flick to flower.

After checking and correcting the reservoir all our pH is on track, sitting at a firm 6.1. The original 47 liters of water with nutrients added is roughly half gone in the first 3 weeks. This doesn’t give us much of a gauge of how thirsty these gals might get.

Also a wee glimpse into the auto flower pot. As you can see they’re creeping along slowly. Two of the four have had a crack at trying to flower but might be reverting back. Either way the experiment goes on.

sunny side of the trees

We see they’re getting bigger and greener here on day 17 of the pineapple express. With the nodes are stacking and leafs getting wider we took the opportunity to give them an early topping. With plans to turn them into a wide, flat canopy we will begin stress train them next week after all the existing branches stretch in their various directions.

Our auto-flower pineapple kush’s are still on the slow side. We have reduced the number of lumens over them by turning off a couple of the custom LEDs and as a result one of the wee seedlings is showing signs of flower. This is pretty disappointing but we guess we’re just amateurs and have missed some crucial step in vegeing autoflowers. However three of the four are still trooping along so all is not lost, just yet.

save the roach for me

Despite it still being early days, there is still some action. We’re day 12 in the tent and they have doubled in size already. We top fed every three days from the reservoir into the auto pots to establish some root growth and they seem to have fit into place really well.

You can see two sequences from the tent in the youtube video. The first is at day 4 of being in the tent. The classic signs of cloning show yellowing of the bottom leaves as they plant into the Coco. The second sequence towards the end of the video shows them at day 12. Fully taking up nutrients with vibrant green colour. The stems are starting to thicken as they are almost twice their original height and more than twice their original width. We’re super excited to be seeing the super close nodes already forming. In the next week we will top them before they get put through some stress training during these vegetative stages.

This initial speed of growth has us very excited, we can’t wait to see how they react later down the line.

You also catch a glimpse at our small auto-flower round. Hosted under our custom COB-LED lights and a store bought LED bulb. They’re sitting inside a 50 litre bucket with the lights resting above them. Like we’ve said from the begining; we have no idea what to expect. Initially, the growth is very very slow and counting down the weeks ’til they flower doesn’t leave much hope for a decent canopy. Only time can tell…

have to cramp your style

This is the setup. Three pineapple express, fresh clones currently 2 weeks old. Not a whole lot of foliage on them at the moment, showing two-three nodes each. Dropped into 25 litre auto-pots today under a 400-watt metal halide bulb. They will take a week or two of top feeding to establish roots to let these auto pots take care of the watering. Have already set the reservoir with the CalMax and Canna Vege part A+B. The pH is sitting at 6.8, but we’re not sure if that is optimum for auto pots in the Canna range coco.

Aiming to establish a thick canopy with the 400-watt metal halide bulb, giving off around 5500 kelvins – the cool blue spectrum. Running 18 hours of light, 6 hours darkness.┬áStay tuned to see how much growth 4-5 weeks of vege growth gives us.

There is also a sneak peak at the four Pineapple Kush autoflowers we’re going to take a shot at. Our understanding is the genetics might yield us some crazy looking purple nuglets but we have never dabled in the autoflower range. They’re currently at week two also and we have no idea what to expect out of them!